Raised in the Deep South (northern Mississippi) by old fashioned, blue-collar parents, Sherry
Hopper and her four siblings experienced a Christian household. But her childhood wasn’t all
church and good times. In addition to the usual difficulties of adolescence, she faced Childhood
Sexual Abuse (CSA) and the guilt of a teenage abortion. Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and
shame tormented her and contributed to other bad life choices.

Then Jesus came.

Jesus’s never-ending love and grace delivered Sherry from the chains forged by abuse and
unwise decisions. Forgiven, she came to realize her worth as a child of God, a daughter to a
Father like no other, and to accept the joy and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Sherry learned to forgive
the transgressions of others and to refuse the lies Satan whispered in her ear. Now she lives free
of the deceit that controlled her for far too long.
But she knows there are other people still suffering the trials that she has survived. Along with
her deliverance, Jesus placed a calling on her life to spread the gospel and her testimony to others
who need to experience a renewing of their spirit through Jesus our Savior. Knowing that Jesus
is the only true healer who can deliver them from their past, Sherry teaches of God’s healing
power and unyielding love.
Sherry now travels anywhere that she is welcomed to share God’s amazing grace and her story of
redemption. Under her ministry, others are:
  • transformed by the renewing of their minds;

  • learning to develop a true and rich relationship with Christ that will enable them to
    become everything God created them to be;

  • filled with the Holy Spirit to obtain the gifts of the Spirit; and

  • finding the joy that is only available in Christ.
Sherry now lives ON purpose FOR purpose. She is confident in her identity in Christ! She wants
everyone to know about the goodness and healing power of Jesus! Jesus loves you, despite all
that’s happened! He’s never stopped loving you.
If you would like Sherry to come and speak at your event, (conference, Celebrate Recovery, TV, radio,
etc.), please contact her via email at sherry@sherryhopper.com or her social media accounts found on this