Truth is Truth, Regardless of What We May Believe

Not everyone has your soul’s best interest at heart. I recently had a conversation with an amazing young man about God and theology. He’s quite a thinker and questions a lot of biblical matters. Unfortunately, I think he’s not sure if the God of the Bible is real or if so what aspects of Him […]

Blessings Cost

We often think of God’s blessings as free, however that’s normally not true. Many of the true blessings of God come with a cost. These cost include taking responsibility for them. One such blessing are our children. Children are always referred to as a blessing in the Bible and never as anything else. It’s clear […]

Seeing with Open eyes

There was a time in my life when I just couldn’t hardly stand that people wouldn’t agree that Jesus Christ was the best thing EVER! I couldn’t fathom why they wouldn’t just run to Him in groves and give Him their lives. It just did not make sense to me. I mean, it’s simple right? He’s […]

Hello world!

I’ll have all of my blogs here, interesting things from my bible studies and life adventures. Check back often and see what’s been going on in my world.