Truth is Truth, Regardless of What We May Believe

Not everyone has your soul’s best interest at heart.

I recently had a conversation with an amazing young man about God and theology. He’s quite a thinker and questions a lot of biblical matters. Unfortunately, I think he’s not sure if the God of the Bible is real or if so what aspects of Him are real, what is written by man or anointed and ordered by God. I regrettably know that numerous people struggle with this.

My prayer for anyone debating if God the Father in Heaven is the one TRUE God, is that God would make Himself real to each one individually. God knows how to deal with everyone’s heart to make them understand and know Him.

The thing I stress more than anything when I teach anybody is not so much biblical theology at first. At first, meet God in your heart. Get a relationship with Jesus Christ started. Then study about Him in the Bible. Ask Him to teach you.

The truth of the matter is, regardless if you believe it or not, Jesus Christ is the ONLY savior for your soul. And it absolutely breaks my heart when people don’t KNOW that.

You can believe anything you want to believe, debate, teach, whatever. But TRUTH IS TRUTH and always will be truth. Jesus was before the beginning, presently, and He’ll be after it’s all said and done. Please, for your own sakes, try Him and see that He is good! What do you have to lose but your soul???

There’s true freedom in the foundation of Jesus Christ. Freedom. Priceless.

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  • Amen. Have a spiritual relationship with the biblical Jesus. There are many people with intellectual assent, and even call Jesus Lord (read Matt 7:21-23 or Luke 13), but Jesus says He doesn’t know them. Jesus promises to manifest Himself to the believer and even abide in us.
    I am afraid a lot of people are in the “intellectual assent” area of their walk with God. When perescution arises for the word’s sake, they find out who they are for real. Sheep or goats. Wheat or tare.
    Our faith should not rest in the wisdom of men, but in the Power of God!
    Great post!

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