Blessings Cost

We often think of God’s blessings as free, however that’s normally not true. Many of the true blessings of God come with a cost. These cost include taking responsibility for them.

One such blessing are our children. Children are always referred to as a blessing in the Bible and never as anything else. It’s clear that God gives us children to bless our lives and make our lives more complete. We, being made in His image and likeness, have to understand that God considers us a blessing to Him. He created us because He wanted us. So therefore He considers that by giving us children, we are also blessed.

But our kids come with responsibilities. It’s our responsibility to love, provide, nurture, and raise up these blessings. It’s our honor and privilege to do these things, and not a curse or burden to have to. We must understand we GET to.

Many parents are missing the true blessing of their children because they are focusing on the responsibility more than the joy. What we focus on can overwhelm us and make us lose what the purpose truly is.

We should try to have a down time each day where we enjoy our blessings. Without thinking about the hustle and bustle, the bills, the doctors, sleepless nights, but playing and talking with our blessings.

They didn’t want to be here, they didn’t ask to be born to us during this time, but God sent them to us because we needed them.

I pray tonight that we can get our focus on the joy that our blessings bring us and off of the hustle and bustle. I pray that we can see the beauty of what God created to share with each of us.

Yes, it’s hard sometimes, but nothing worth having comes easy. Every blessing has a price, from riches and fame, to spouses and children. We must remember we can do all things through Christ Jesus.

Dear Father, You are a wonderful and mighty God! A loving and compassionate Father. I thank You for all the many blessings in our lives! We have too many to even count or begin to count. If we have a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in, and a full tummy, we are among the most rich in the world. I thank you for that today!

I ask that You help us see that You’ve blessed us with our families and not cursed us. I ask that we see our children with eyes like Yours, the innocence and love in their hearts for us as parents and caregivers. God help us to do all that is required and then some to take care of the blessings, regardless what it is, that You give us.

Thank You Father, the greatest parent ever, for loving us enough to make us parents
In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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  • I absolutely love this and it is so true. I really needed to read this tonight.

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